Back On My Feet Again . . . And My Diet . . . And I Love To Cook . . .OHY

You never know what life has in store for you and we can only hope for the best, but sometimes, well, most times, the Universe throws a wrench  in there and all the plans “you” had go flying out the window, leaving you to ask “Why?” I am no different, not at all. In march of 2011, I had a life changing experience and even today I still find myself asking . . .“Why?” 

I used to weigh in at a fit and trim 150 pounds, then the proverbial poo poo hit the fan. By day I was a mailman (not disgruntled) and by night I was a performer. That was, until I had a traumatic spinal chord injury that changed my life forever.

Fit and Trim Jim

Fit and Trim Jim

Over the next two and a half years, I would have to endure five more surgeries, two blood clots in my lung, a staph infection that damn near killed me and more physical therapy than one person should ever be allowed to have. It left me “Disabled”  or as I like to call myself “Perfectly Changed!”  You can read more about it and how I have accepted my new role in life at either;  or  (Blogging Around With The Original Domestic God)

In my case, perfectly changed also means gaining a ton of weight (like 60 pounds) from being immobile for quite some time. Well, that and I love to “Cook!” and Eat! Having this new free time has also meant that I could improve my cooking skills . . . and I did! I had always love to cook, but suddenly cooking meant more to me than thawing out a package of pork chops, it gave me the freedom to “create!” Hey, if I couldn’t create on stage anymore (dancing) then I guess I’d just transfer that into the kitchen! And of course  . . gain more weight!

I am on a brand new mission now and that mission is to lose at least forty pounds by October for my daughter’s wedding. So now I am going to have to learn to create meals and snacks that will help me shed the pounds. I’m keeping one night out of the week as treat night and I can cook anything I want on that night. Oh, I’ll be posting that meal a little bit later on . . .it was Amazing! Pictured below is my glorious lunch I had yesterday which consisted of two pretzel sticks, One sliced apple and two TBSP of all natural peanut butter



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Today’s selection of music is very personal to me, it’s about fighting back and getting up on your feet again, it’s about courage and determination! It’s about saying “Watch Out World, Here I Come!”



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