It’s Grilling Time Again . . . Finally!

It’s grilling time and time for fun

Now that winter’s gone and Spring has sprung

The burger’s, well, they’re almost done

The ketchup sits on top my bun

The winter chill has gone, for now

Oh look, it’s time to eat my cow!

Can’t you hear it, that beautiful sound? You know the one, that electrifying sizzle as the steak hits the super heated grill or the sound of the marinade dripping from the chicken as it causes a beautiful flame to engulf  its caramelizing skin. O K so cut me some slack, I have just spent the last six months caged up in the house because winter held me prisoner. Kind of like the Deathly Hallows! The winter of 2015 was the snowiest winter in our recorded history. Yup, when we do things up here in Boston, we do them the right way! Can you say 110.3 inches of snow and bitter cold with temps dropping to 10 below zero with wind chills of forty five below zero?

Ya, you’d be jumping up and down too when the temperature went above fifty degrees. Actually, it’s in the low sixties today, but with a little bit of a sea breeze. That’s the price you pay for living so close to the ocean. So I went and bought a brand new grill on Friday and today we are going to christen it with cheese burger’s, hot dogs (not for me, I hate hot dog’s) and sweet Italian sausage with caramelized onions and peppers.


Better Homes and Gardens Grill

Better Homes and Gardens Grill

All this delicious goodness is going to be served with both my home made macaroni and potato salad. I make the best potato salad evuh! It’s easy; Cut up both red and russet potatoes and boil in pot until fork tender. Drain well and let cool. Using a potato masher, gently mash the potatoes until they’re broken up and squished a little bit, not like you would if you were making mashed potatoes. Add salt, Coarse black pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika, chopped celery, chopped red pepper, chopped red onion,crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and some mayo. gently fold everything together and place in fridge for about an hour. It’s Awesome!

macaroni salad

macaroni salad

potato salad

potato salad

The macaroni salad is made the same exact way except I don’t put bacon in it. I am so excited that the sun is shining and the temperature is warming up and summer is just around the corner! But more than that, I can’t wait to find new and exciting recipes to cook on the grill! For today’s music selection, I decided to go with a warm weather, spring kind of theme, I hope you like it. Please feel free to visit my other websites and don’t miss out on my free monthly newsletter on I am perfectly changed.

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