Healthy Is Getting Easier . . .

So, me and my entire family have put ourselves on a healthy eating regiment, hell bent on losing some serious weight we gained after our record breaking 112+ inches of snow. When you’re stuck in the house, you tend to cook totally awesome, comfort food. Notice I didn’t say healthy, just comforting. At the beginning it was tough as I had to end my affair with Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, but wait, I found Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt (you can’t see me right now, but I’m doing my happy dance!)

Luckily, I am very creative and have worked out some recipes that are not only healthy, but taste great too! I used to think that combination couldn’t exist. I was wrong . . . it can. It just takes a little planning. For example last night’s dinner consisted of; Marinated pork chops cooked on the grill, Buttercup squash with maple butter and smokey, roasted, onion and garlic, red potatoes. Everything was delicious! I have also learned that the key to eating healthy and losing weight is everything in moderation.

Since beginning my healthy eating plan, I have lost about 11 pounds and boy I can’t believe how much better I feel. Watch for my next few post’s on how to tame your sweet tooth! Today’s music selection is going to be light . . .like me!

marinated, grilled pork chops

marinated, grilled pork chops

Squash with maple butter

Squash with maple butter


smokey roasted red potatoes

smokey roasted red potatoes











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