The Dr. Suess School of Architecture

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dr. suess tower willow alaska

If you happen to be in the area of Willow, Alaska, you may catch a glimpse of a building that will make you wonder if you have been transported to the land of fairy tales — or at least the land of Dr. Seuss.

Known by locals as the Dr. Seuss House or the Willow Tower, it is an unfinished, 185-foot high structure that seems to be a gravity-defying stack of houses. It is owned by Anchorage attorney Phil Weidner, who designed it to be a home and an observatory. He began building it in the late 1990’s and spent fifteen years on the construction before taking a hiatus.

Weidner calls the project “The Goose Creek Tower,” due to its proximity to Goose Creek. From the observation deck on the top floor, viewers can take in a breath-taking view of Denali and the start of Aleutian Island chain.

Weidner says…

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